Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Witchify Your Life *Bringing the Magikal Into the Mundane*

You meant to put the jar of water out to charge in the full moon light. You meant to go apple picking and then bake an apple pie to celebrate Mabon. You had intentions of doing a pine cone wish ritual at Yule. So what happened? Life. Life happened. Please stop feeling guilty and that you’re not really a witch because you can’t remember what phase the moon is in or have a complicated ritual coming up for the next Sabbat. You are the magick. I’ll say it again louder for those of you in the back, (or for those that might chastise other witches), YOU ARE THE MAGICK!!

Witches are naturally magickal beings. We are drawn , sometimes loudly called to the path. You might have a cabinet full of herbs and you might not. You might have 647 crystals or you might not. It’s not about the stuff or the rituals. It’s about the little things that bring the magickal into the mundane. Simply doing something with intent is magickal. Let’s look at some everyday, mundane things that can be completely magickal if we let them or intend them to be.

Cooking- Hello?? Kitchen witches are a thing! You don’t even have to know all the metaphysical properties of the herbs or spices in your cabinet to create magick in the kitchen. So how can you add some magick in while you cook? Stir in love, intentions, health, etc by stirring deosil. This

clockwise motion brings in all the good things. Stir widdershins, or counterclockwise to banish. Making chicken soup for a sick loved one? First stir widdershins to banish the illness and then deosil to bring in recovery, health, and wellness.

Cleaning- What does cleaning do? It banishes the dirt right? You can add some sage or rosemary to your cleaning solution. Also, wiping in a counterclockwise circle will banish heavy energies if that is your intention. Same thing goes for your mop water. When you sweep, yes- grab that

famous witch’s tool and get to work- go from the back of the house to the front and out the door! Don’t forget the front and back porches and doorways. Window cleaning is another way to clear energy. Drop in a clear quartz, some sage or rosemary to clear energies and protect until the next wash. Adding mint to a mixture to wash the front door will bring prosperity to the home. Laundry, as much as it sucks, clears not only the dirt but also any accumulated energies.

Getting Ready for Your Day- This is glamour magick whether we want to admit it or not. We buy soaps that smell nice, makeup and/ or hair products, choose our outfit, and go about getting ready to head out into the world. As we are choosing our outfit, how to style our hair or what

color lip stain to use, we have the subtle or not so subtle intentions to impress others. We want to look our best for whatever the day throws at us. There is a reason why they call it a power suit. It gives one confidence and lets others know we mean business.

Plant Care- If you are lucky enough to have a garden then this definitely qualifies as green witchery! But never fear, container and house plants count too. Talk to your plants. They like it and this is definitely a form of magick because what are spells? Words we say out loud right to make something happen (or not), right? Caring for plants is also a

connection to Earth and mother goddesses such as Gaia, Cybele. Sif, Terra, Demeter, Bast, and Artemis to name a few. The more you care for them and talk to them, the more you will notice the benefits they give to you. They might also begin to let you know what they need- more water, sun, fertilizer, etc.

Animal Care- Caring for the fur babies seems like a gift but it is also a form of magick in the mundane. Like plant magick, caring for animals connects us to the Earth and mother goddesses but animal care also connects us to other deities such as Herne and Cernnunos, both of which

are lords of the forest and animals. If you are blessed with a familiar, this is its own type of magick. Just sitting with them is a form of meditation and ritual in a way. Animals also deliver messages, even those that we call pets so pay attention.

Sexual Encounters/ Making Love- There is beautiful magick in our sexual encounters whether we are trying to procreate or just spending time with our partner.

Sex is an energetic exchange that happens between two people. What is magick but an exchange of energies that we set our will upon. There is both self-care and care for another when it comes to sex. We need contact and physical touch and sexual encounters are the most intimate form. Remember the next time you’re with your partner that you’re not just having sex, you are also making magick.

Other Things We Don’t Think About- Wishing someone to get well, have a good day, or a happy birthday. These are our intentions for them- mini spells so to speak. Exercise and healthy eating habits are transformative for our bodies, mind, and soul. Showering cleanses our aura and energy field. If you add Epsom salt to your bath you are helping to detoxify yourself not to mention if you add lavender or other herbs that would qualify it as plant magick. Any time we are trying to persuade someone to our way of thinking whether through an argument or a presentation at work, we are working a spell. Our words make it so and align with the messenger god, Mercury. Reading fiction can be seen as a Shamanic journey into another realm or dimension. Watching the sunrise or sunset. Looking at the moon.

There is so much magick in the everyday things that we do. We often expend a huge amount of energy just living from day to day that it’s no wonder we forget to put water out or cleanse our crystals with the full moon. If you feel that you are a witch, then you are a witch. Don’t berate yourself or let anyone else just because you do not feel like you add up to all the TikTok or Instagram Witches out there. Instead, find the magick in the everyday things and do what you can, when you can.

Peace, love, and light.

Blessed Be

Friday, July 8, 2022

The Wolf: A Powerful Spirit Ally



Few animals on Earth evoke more emotion or fear than the wolf.  We have been told tales of their savagery and ruthless killing, how they would steal children from the village, and would stalk any man that wandered too far from the safety of the campfire. 


However, in many cultures, the wolf is revered, thought to bring powerful medicine to healers, and is a wonderful ally to those that call upon its sacred energy as a spirit totem.  Animal spirits/ totems can come to us in many ways.  Wolf spirit may appear to you in a dream, as a medicine animal, or as a totem animal.  


Witches and Shamans alike have called upon the power of the wolf for centuries.  The wolf is a universal symbol of personal power, freedom, and autonomy. In Romanian lore, the Wolf is the only creature who can see demons no matter how hard they try to conceal themselves. Interestingly enough, wolves have also been observed to have a highly developed “sixth sense”. This natural 6th sense is known for helping one to heighten their own intuition when they are connected to the Wolf Spirit.  

If Wolf comes to you in a dream, this is more than likely a reminder to you to use your natural abilities and to trust your instincts.  As a highly social animal, Wolf spirit may also be reminding you that you are not alone.  You may need to turn to a specific person such as a partner or parent if you are experiencing difficulty and need support or guidance. The Wolf may also appear when you feel lost, for his howl will help you find your tribe of kindred souls.  A howling Wolf in a dream is a call for action or maybe even a cry for help.  Listen to this powerful spirit.


If your physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual being is in need of healing, Wolf spirit may come to you as the Medicine Wolf.  Native Americans look to Wolf medicine as an aid in healing illness and diseases.  When the Wolf spirit reveals itself as a medicine animal, it offers healing through various wolf characteristics and qualities.  These can include healing through empowerment, restorative energies, and guide in spiritual development. Because the Wolf is an incredibly social animal, the Wolf Spirit can help you reduce your social anxiety and become more confident.  Call upon the Wolf and let its song heal you from the inside out.


Wolf guides us in the darkness of the underworld on a path to the light of the wisdom of the ages.  Wolf is known for being a teacher and wisdom bringer. The Wolf is an incredible power totem and if this spirit has made itself known to you in this way, it will be your dominant spirit guide throughout your life.  Wolf is resilient and its prowess is legendary.  With Wolf’s determination and stamina, it can teach you how to tap into your highest potential as you rise to meet and conquer the challenges before you.  It will teach you to not live in fear but instead, to be open to change and transformation. 

I have been blessed with Tala, my Wolf power totem.  This is a totem Spirit that I have reincarnated with for many lifetimes. She first came to me in this lifetime when I was a scared little girl.  I somehow knew instinctively that I could trust her and that she was not there to harm me. Maybe at that tender age, I recognized her energy and knew she was there to help protect me. I have relied on her energy in times of need. Maybe this is also the reason that I have loved wolves for as long as I can remember.  I feel that not only have I been blessed with a Wolf totem but also that the Spirit of the Wolf is alive within my own soul.


During tumultuous times and situations that challenge you and test your mettle, the Wolf spirit will be there to lend you strength, to help and to guide you.  The Wolf spirit animal carries many messages.  When you pay attention to the many details and nuances of the Wolf spirit, you can decipher the meaning of its message.


Witchify Your Life *Bringing the Magikal Into the Mundane*

You meant to put the jar of water out to charge in the full moon light. You meant to go apple picking and then bake an apple pie to celebrat...